More doctors under investigation over the death of pregnant woman
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Besides the investigation at the "Koco Glozheni" hospital, the Prosecution of Tirana has extended its investigation to two other hospitals where Aida Cajku was sent to.

Sources say that doctors have been questioned for sending the woman to another hospital while others are being investigated for returning the woman to the maternity hospital back again.

The cardiologist of the "Mother Theresa" hospital declared that the woman, pregnant at her ninth month, had arrived at their hospital with breathing difficulties. That is why they decided to send her to the Sanatorium.

Doctors at the last hospital explained that Aida Cajku had spleen bleeding, and it was impossible for them to treat her. Sources explained that the woman was not registered at the Mother Theresa hospital, while procedures at the "Koco Glozheni" have been violated.

The Prosecution asked for doctors Helidon Klodi and Dritan Decka to be kept in prison for 45 days, until the coroner's report proves the cause of death. /
Published on: September 19, 2016 - 9:48 pm
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