Meta proposes open lists during elections
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Speaker of the Parliament, Ilir Meta, has lately come out with a proposal that is expected to open discussions regarding the Electoral Code.

In a statement to the media, Meta proposed changing the code enabling open list elections of MPs, unlike now.

Meta said that the actual closed lists are a "democracy problem" which hinders the democratization of parties.

"Open lists enable the democratization of parties because they connect the citizen with the voter. So, MPs are not just part of the party list, but parliamentarians, they have another relationship with voters"- Meta says.

Open lists would enable each candidate to get the votes from his area not being conditioned by the party list. This way people will vote for the candidate they want by strengthening the role of the MP within the party.

But it also has a huge cost for the party, because they will not decide who enters the Parliament and who doesn't. /
Published on: October 14, 2016 - 3:01 pm
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