Marjan Rroku asks for justice after killing mother and daughter
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The court of Tirana has refused the request of Marjan Rroku to change his life in prison sentence.

For more than 40 minutes he tried to convince the judge to declare the sentence invalid, and he wasn't represented by a lawyer in the court.

He said that he understands how difficult is for a judge to rule on a man sentenced to life in prison in a judgemental society, but he asked for justice.

Marjan Rroku is the man who in May 2002 killed Alda Camaj and her mother, Mbarime and fled to escape arrest. Today, 14 years after the verdict, he asked the court to set him free saying that the document keeping him behind bars has to have the signs of all the three judges in the case but it doesn't. That is why, the sentence is invalid, he said.

But judge Gerd Hoxha said his request has passed all legal deadlines and must not be accepted. /
Published on: November 16, 2016 - 5:17 pm
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