Kukan: Drug trafficking remains a huge problem for the country
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One of the two negotiators of the European Parliament for the law on decriminalization, Eduard Kukan, said in an interview to "ABCNEWS", that drugs is a major problem in Albania and that authorities should be ruthless against this phenomenon, not to endanger the country's international image.

-What Do you think about the position of the European Commission regarding the implementation of the judicial reform and Commissioner Hahn's expectations, according to whom the real difference in the fight against corruption and organized crime would be the arrest of big fish?

"The Justice Reform was all an essential condition and it was passed. Now is it really necessary to approve the accompanying legislation, which are 7 laws that remain and must be approved in the near future, not next year, if I can say so diplomatically. Ideally would be as soon as possible and by consensus. You don't have any time because the progress-report of the European Commission is published in October and we would all like to hear good news for Albania regarding the opening of accession negotiations.

The message I have for political leaders is to show responsibility and not lose more time in approving the necessary legislation. The best way to finalize the judicial reform is the participation of the opposition. It would be highly appreciated by the European Commission and the International Community.

Regarding the big fish, I do not know what to say. If there is strong evidence, it makes the fight against these phenomena more serious and more responsible.

I like the expression of Commissioner Hahn. I would say it differently: "If you bring concrete results, it would help." Time is very important now and after so much energy devoted to the approval of the justice reform, it would be good for this process to finalize and begin implementation."

-How Do you see the drug situation in Albania? You know that these last three months, several tons of cannabis were seized by Italian authorities.

"I am very well informed on this issue. The issue of drugs is a huge problem for the country. The government and the relevant authorities should show a ruthless approach to this problem, because otherwise it would be very difficult to change the international image of Albania ."/albeu.com/
Published on: October 3, 2016 - 8:01 pm
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