Greek MEP discuss Himara in the EC, Hahn has a response for them
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Two days after submitting to the European Commission an amendment which sought to protect the rights of minorities in Albania, Greek MEPs have accused the Albanian government of damaging relations with Greece.

In response to this, the reaction of Commissioner Hahn has been directly associated with the issue of Himara, where he said that every country has its laws and practices, while he did not comment on the statements of Greek MEP towards Prime Minister Rama.

"The rights of minorities are key to the EU law. Societies or countries should implement these rights, not just according to the law, but also based on their practice.

Funds should go to the people, to those who are affected every day. We must work together to correct things. To be honest, this phenomenon of local structures can be left aside ", said Hahn. /
Published on: November 9, 2016 - 5:09 pm
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