Former head of the SS does not believe Llalla was threatened
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Former chairman of the State Intelligence Service, Fatos Klosi has his doubts when it comes to the threats against the Attorney General, Adriatik Llalla.

In an interview to, Klosi said he does not believe them to be true, although the prosecutor sent his family in an EU country with the help of the respective embassy in Tirana.

"I'm sorry if it happened. I am not sure. But the prosecutor is reacting too late. Now he remembered that he was in danger, just to become a hero. I do not know what serious cases he investigated to be threatened. I do not believe he was threatened because he did not do anything.

He has not done any major investigation, to ruin major interests which can bring threats. However, I hope to be wrong", Klosi said. /

Published on: September 25, 2016 - 7:04 pm
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