Deeper economic integration, dialogue key to strengthening regional security
Ditmir Bushati
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Deeper economic integration, increased political association and dialogue are key to strengthening regional security and implementation of a common agenda, said Albanian Foreign Minister Ditmir Bushati as he addressed the OSCE Permanent Council today in Vienna.

Bushati recalled his country's joining of the then CSCE 25 years ago and the promise of a Europe whole and free at that time. "Today, there is no denying that this OSCE vision is looking farther away. But the foundations of this vision, the Helsinki Final Act and the Charter of Paris are still valid," affirmed Bushati. He said that citizens have rightfully not given up on expectations such as democracy based on human rights and equal security for all participating States.

Bushati emphasized Albania's ongoing efforts of "undertaking crucial reforms, among which is a radical overhaul of the justice system."

"Each of the participating States has something unique to contribute in the OSCE. For my country, I believe it is tolerance," Bushati continued pointing to a heritage of multicultural understanding in Albania. Also he emphasized the experience in the Western Balkans with strengthening practical areas of co-operation to overcome rifts. "Strengthening connectivity has proven to be a key factor for political confidence-building and security in the region", noted Bushati. /
Published on: November 3, 2016 - 4:21 pm
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