Bosnian-Albanian gang destroyed, 8 mln of drugs seized
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A joint investigation of the German, Czech and Austrian authorities arrested 19 people and seized a quantity of drugs worth 8 million euros.

Three countries have collaborated for nine months to destroy the Bosnian-Albanian gang, which trafficked methamphetamine, as well as other kinds of illicit drugs, Austrian media report today.

During this period, they have seized in three places 104,5 kg of methamphetamine, 2.9 kg of cocaine, 2.2 kg amphetamine and three 3 kg of marijuana, which if sold in the streets would have a value of around 8 million euros.

According to official police sources, Czech investigators discovered two drug labs, where they seized 20 kg of methamphetamine and 90 kg of mixture.

In the Netherlands they also found another laboratory which produced 50 to 100 kg methamphetamine each week. / /
Published on: November 27, 2016 - 5:46 pm
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