Basha's proposal to amend the Vetting Law is rejected
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The majority did not accept Basha's request to review the Vetting Law on key points. "This is the most absurd thing I had ever heard in my Parliamentary life.

A proposal to undo the Constitutional Court”, said Fatmir Xhafaj, Chairman of the Special Commission for the Justice Reform. He said that the DP took the case to the Constitutional Court with the only purpose to postpone the process in time.

"They are demanding today what no serious political force has ever asked. He wants two political parties to tell the Constitutional Court that they are the ones to decide", Xhafaj added, who was against the Constitutional Court's decision to suspend the Vetting Law, but he hoped for a positive answer from the Venice Commission. The Commission is expected to decide on December 10th.
Published on: November 30, 2016 - 10:29 pm
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