Arvizu: Mistrust among the political parties
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U.S. Ambassador to Albania Alexander Arvizu has pointed to mistrust among the political parties as one of the reasons behind the country’s failure to obtain the candidate status for the European Union membership.Speaking after an event with local residents in the central city of Elbasan on Friday, U.S. diplomat noted that a high level of polarization and mistrust among political parties was responsible for the crisis in the country."This mistrust has had a direct effect in the country’s failure to obtain the EU candidate status,” Ambassador Arvizu told reporters after a meeting with the families hosting the Peace Corps volunteers in Elbasan. Commenting on the latest political situation in the country, notably after the parliament’s plenary session a day ago, Arvizu said: “We remain hopeful for the reason to prevail, but we should also be realistic to acknowledge that the two sides mistrust each other.” /
Published on: April 15, 2012 - 11:11 pm
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