poll: DUI leads Albanian parties in Macedonian elections
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For ten days has been offering an online poll regarding parliamentary elections which will be held in the Republic of Macedonia on December 11st.

The survey closes on December 10th, but so far, around 1100 people have given their opinion. According to current data, the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI) leads Albanian parties, taking 36.64 percent of the votes in the whole country.

In the second place ranks the Alliance for Albanians led by Ziadin Sela, which has about 19.63 percent of the votes. Meanwhile, DPA of Menduh Thaci ranks third with 16.51 percent of the votes and "BESA" ranks in the fourth place with 13.32 percent of the votes. /
Published on: December 5, 2016 - 10:53 pm
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