Albania's negotiations? EU: We'll see in 2018
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The CDU-CSU coalition in the German Parliament has published a document with the criteria that Albania needs to fulfill before opening the EU accession negotiations. Bundestag MP, Gunther Krichbaum, was today in Tirana and said that there may be a green light in 2018. The German MP said that the results of the reforms and the efforts of the Albanian government should be more visible. For this, he urged Albanian parties to join their forces.

Criteria that need to be fulfilled are related to the public administration reform, the justice reform, which, according to the document, should be implemented thoroughly, fight against corruption through the Special Prosecution Against Corruption (SPAC), organized crime, the human rights, measures against discrimination and preservation of property rights, for which they say Albania has still to fulfill the points mentioned by the European Commission of November 9th.

There are also OSCE/ODIHR recommendations regarding the electoral reform and the law for decriminalization of the Parliament and local and central institutions.
Published on: November 24, 2016 - 7:57 pm
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