Albanian prisons are full of AIDS, sex, drugs and tattoos
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Prisoners face a higher risk to get infected by HIV/AIDS. A study found new infected inmates, while several admitted unprotected homosexual relations.

"The prevalence in prison is 1%, all new cases. The current prison system is a ticking bomb of HIV/AIDS epidemics. We verified that several prisoners get involved in heterosexual and homosexual relations”, said Arjan Boci, from Stop AIDS.

The first study was made in seven prisons and many resulted with Hepatitis B and C, 9% with B and 11% with C, while 2% with syphilis.

"Prisoners were involved in many behaviors that helped spreading these diseases. More than 2/3rds of the prisoners who admitted to have sex, said they did not take protection measures", Boci added.

Prisoners also inject drugs, which is also another dangerous way for spreading infectious diseases. Tattoos are also dangerous, due to the unprofessional methods. 2/3rds of them admitted they had their tattoos while in prison. /

Published on: October 27, 2016 - 6:39 pm
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